Ugly Christmas sweater photo goes viral

If you’re fascinated by the ugly sweater trend, then you’ll love this: This ugly sweater photo goes viral thanks to a facebook post by “beautiful breastfeeding.” people are either loving…

110, Agnes Fenton of Englewood new jersey

110-year-old New Jersey woman drinks Miller High Life beer every day

Every day there are hundreds of articles published about ways to stay healthy and eating “right,” but you might want to rethink your daily intake of beer and whisky. According…

don’t let people steal parking spots

This woman gets revenge after her parking spot is stolen

Driving rage is worldwide; usually it ends with people yelling at each other, but not for this woman, watch what happens when a second driver steals this woman’s parking spot.

danielle perez

Woman in a wheelchair wins a treadmill on game show

What’s a girl to do when she has no feet and wins a treadmill on a game show?  She posts it on social media and makes fun of it herself. …

police officer decided to teach a woman a lesson after she left her dog in a hot car

Police make woman sit in hot car after finding her dog locked inside

Not all pet owners are created equal and apparently a Strongville, Ohio woman didn’t think too much about leaving her dog in a hot car while shopping at Walmart. Police were…

for women it's how they measure up to Facebook pictures of their friends that counts

Women stop looking at celebrities in magazines Facebook photos of their friends matter more

If this Australian study is true, then woman’s magazines are in a bit of trouble. The new obsession for women is to compare themselves against their friends on Facebook instead…

Police say that, about 4 p.m. Sunday, officers responded to a stabbing in the 100 block of Lake Street. The victim Ronnie D. Bucker, 61, of Lake Street, reported he was eating chips and salsa with his girlfriend, Phyllis D. Jefferson, 50, when they got into an argument over who was eating all of the salsa

Woman stabs boyfriend for eating all the salsa?

Most of us like our chips and salsa, but if you’re, Phyllis Jefferson, then you like your salsa a lot more.  Wkyc reported that Jefferson, 50, stabbed her boyfriend, Ronnie…

The True You Project, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote healthy body image in young women, has launched a new awareness campaign depicting what a real woman would actually look like if she had the physical dimensions of a Furby doll

Ever wonder what a woman would look like if she had the proportions of a Furby doll?

Did you ever wonder what you would look like if you had the dimensions of a Furby Doll?? Wow, this is definitely a strange non profit project. It’s called “thetrueyouproject,” a…