So Wrong

Kicked out of bathroom after being mistaken for transgender

Woman kicked out of bathroom mistaken for transgender – Fake news Story

This story has gone viral and at first it fooled some people that wrote about it only to discover that it was a fake News story that was made up….

Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco

Mom puts baby on a leash calls it a “pet”

Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco, Manila, Philippines, posted images of her son on a leash  on all fours as if he were a dog on facebook and the internet nearly exploded….

Myrna Arias

California woman gets fired after she disabled a work app that tracked her 24/7

Myrna Arias, Bakerfield, CA, is suing her former employer after she was fired for removing an app that tracked her movements 24 hours day. Intermex, a money transfer firm, required that all…

Mireya Briceno, was booted from her senior prom for wearing a dress that was too revealing. The teen followed the high school’s obviously strict dress code when she wore a backless royal blue dress with white polka dots

High school senior booted from her prom over sexy dress

A polka dotted dress debate has become viral with people debating on social media whether this dress is too revealing.  It started when Mlive reported that a high school senior was booted from…

Brenna Happy Cloud of Salem, Oregon, has accused Facebook of discrimination after her account was suspended

Woman denied use of Facebook because of Native American name

Anyone that has ever experienced being lock out of their facebook account knows how frustrating it can be. But usually you’re locked out if there appears to be suspicious activity of some…

This woman, a prosthetic leg user, gets note saying she ‘should be ashamed’ she was thrilled!

Most people would be upset if they received a nasty note from a stranger, but not if you’re this girl. Natasha Hope-Simpson, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was shocked when…

cleveland metroparks zoo

Ohio woman charged after son falls into cheetah exhibit

Michelle Schwab, 37,  is being charged after she dangled her 2-year-old son over the cheetah enclosure at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo causing him to fall. Schwab a Delaware county resident…

JOANNA, SC (FOX Carolina)

Girl made to wear sign in public admitting to lying and plagiarism

Is this the best way to teach your daughter a lesson? In Joanna, SC,  a man and his daughter were on a street corner where she was spotted by people…