Kentucky career woman turned bank robber

This probably isn’t the typical resume of a bank robber, but in May 2012 when Crystal Little carried a gun, put on a mask, dark glasses, and entered Forcht Bank in Lexington, Kentucky it became part of hers.


Little’s career highlights:

  • Worked in research for the University of Kentucky for the Office of Research Integrity
  • Worked as an Editor for Kentucky Kernal (student newspaper at the University of Kentucky)
  • Worked as Projects Editor where she directed and wrote articles which helped earn the most prestigious award for student newspapers.

But Little’s personal life was also full of major responsibilities-known as the “fixer” in her family, she was responsible for her niece and her ailing mother; and along with that responsibility came the task of paying for her mother’s care.

This is where her life took a drastic turn, Little was notified that she had 2 days to pay the bill or her mother would be kicked out of her nursing home.

So she become a bank robber. Robbing from 4 banks:

  • $10,000 Forcht Bank
  • $50,000 Fifth Third Bank
  • $1,700 American Founders Bank
  • $4,079 PNC Bank

According to the Washington Post, all 3 robberies were committed because of Little’s desire to take care of her mother, but after her Mom died she “just wanted more, ” so she robbed again!

30 minutes after her last robbery Little was arrested, “She didn’t know a PNC teller had slipped a tracking device into the bag during the robbery.”

Ray Larson, who prosecuted Little told the Kernal newspaper, “plenty of people go through financial struggles without robbing banks or threatening violence upon innocent people.”

Crystal Little is up for parole this August.