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A lovely Muslim prom queen reigns


But Zarifeh’s classmates weren’t the only one’s campaigning; Zarifeh had to convince her own family to allow her to attend.  She’s the daughter of observant Muslim’s and this isn’t something she would normally be allowed to do, but she was given permission by her parents when they realized that it would be a safe environment and how much her classmates cared for their daughter.

Zarifeh’s Mother told the NY Times, “I had no idea how much she is really respected and loved at the school”

For Zarifeh and her classmates this is more than just a win, they view it as a chance to show everyone that despite all the problems in the world, not everyone is a racist.

Zarifeh said her win “proved that not all Muslims are something to worry about.”

“They don’t see me as a threat,” she said, “they see me as their friend.”




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