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A woman gives man kidney donation, now they’re in love

A year after Ashley McIntyre gave Danny Robinson a kidney they got engaged on Christmas.

In an interview for the courier-journal Ashley said, “I never in a million years imagined this would happen. … It was a whirlwind,” … her eyes filling with tears as she held Robinson’s hand in their Jeffersontown apartment. “It’s crazy how it all worked. It was all planned out by God.”

With less than 1 percent of living kidney donations from strangers, the University of Kentucky transplant experts were also amazed by the couple’s unique love story.

Ashley heard about Robinson’s story from her mom who learned about Robinson’s desperate need for a transplant from his mom while she was being interviewed on a ,WHAS Radio Show , Terry Meiners & Co.

According to UK Transplant Coordinator, Todd Maynard, ” their kidneys were “a match but not a perfect match. … A perfect match is very rare, 1 out of 100,000.”

Not only did they match perfectly for this kidney transplant, but they would also learn their personalities matched too.

“When the two got out of the hospital, they stayed in close touch, beginning a romantic relationship after a Memorial Day family barbecue. McIntyre said it grew serious quickly. “It was really clear early on that this was ‘it,’ ” she said.

Now the couple are expecting  a baby girl, she’s due June 9th and naming her Berkli.

“On Christmas Day, we went to my mom’s and started opening gifts,” he said. “I told her I’d forgotten one and pulled out a small box” with an engagement ring. He got on his knees and asked her to marry him.

She said yes.


kentuck woman donates kidney to stranger, now they've engaged
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