Girl’s ‘letter to heaven’ gets answered

Ashlynn Marracino asked for a sign when she released a balloon in memory of her late father.

Ashlynn, lives in Whittier, California, and every January 6th she takes a marker and writes a message on a balloon to her dad after he died of a brain aneurysm in 2008.

“I can write out stuff that I want to tell him,” Ashlynn told TODAY Parents. “It makes me feel like he would receive it — seeing it go up into the sky and disappear… it feels like a weight has been lifted off your chest.”

From hundreds of miles away she got her sign, when Lisa Swisley found the balloon and posted the story on facebook and people offered to send Ashlynn cards and gifts.

“All this support she’s getting is just amazing,” her mom added. “Maybe we can give hope to some other people, too… they’ll know that our loved ones are watching us.”

balloon letter answered by kind strangers

courtesy Ashlynn Marracino