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This woman, a prosthetic leg user, gets note saying she ‘should be ashamed’ she was thrilled!

Most people would be upset if they received a nasty note from a stranger, but not if you’re this girl.

Natasha Hope-Simpson, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was shocked when she found an anonymous note on her car outing her for using a handicapped space, especially since it appears that she doesn’t need it!

 Natasha Hope-Simpson, a Halifax driver who wears a prosthetic leg, and received a note accusing her of wrongly using an accessible spot for her car
photo: cbs


Hope-Simpson, 25, is an artist who has been using a prosthesis after losing her leg below the knee due to a hit-and-run driver in November 2013.

Hope-Simpson isn’t bothered by the note, telling CBS News, “I’m kind of flattered about that, because I’ve been working pretty hard on my walk to make it look natural.”

“Natasha Hope-Simpson spoke with the CBC to share her story that disabilities come in many forms.”

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