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UN Agency is Celebrating Midwives during COVID-19 Crisis

Midwives have stepped up and saved many women and their newborns through these difficult times, because as you already know childbirth does not stop for a pandemic.

“In her statement for the International Day of the Midwife, Natalia Kanem praised these health professionals for their tireless work during the crisis”

with medical facilities overwhelmed with this crisis many midwives are being redeployed to assist in fighting the virus in the medical community and Unfortunately in countries hardest hit by this crisis they are also dying from this virus from lack of personal protective equipment.

According to an article by “UNFPA is supporting midwives worldwide by providing supplies of PPE (personal protective equipment.)”

2020 is the International Year of the Midwife And Nurse, so the UN Agency is bringing awareness to the public and sharing ways we can assist these vital healthcare

“Without midwives, many more women and babies will die from preventable causes during childbirth amid the pandemic”, Ms. Kanem emphasized.

To donate and assist midwives visit

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