Woman adopts dying dog

A rescue goes viral

Most of us are animal lovers and rescuing an animal is so amazing; unfortunately, so many aren’t recued especially if the animal is near death or not in good health.

Animal rights activists estimate that millions of dogs and cats are euthanized on a yearly basis. In fact many of those animals are in good health, but the costs are too high to keep them all.

This story reported by abc news has touched so many. Read how this incredible woman Nicole Elliot rescued Chester, a dog suffering from terminal cancer in order to make his final days happy.


“Elliot, who has a passion for rescuing animals, said she found Chester’s photo while scrolling through the Facebook page of Animal Ark Rescue — a shelter that was searching for potential owners to care for him during his dying days.”

“That was my main goal to inspire and encourage people to adopt shelter animals that people are less likely to adopt like older ones and the terminally ill,” Elliot said. “There are so many people that say animals don’t have souls like humans, but I feel like anybody who met Chester would see he does have a soul.
He has already fallen in love with me. He follows me everywhere….She added that she plans continuing to adopt sick and elderly animals in hopes to bring happiness to their lives.”