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Woman gets Valentine’s day flowers from her dead husband

A Valentine’s day story from Casper, Wyoming.  According to KPTV,  Shelly Golay was stunned when she received flowers on Valentine’s day from her dead husband.

Last year Golay’s husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

“My husband was dealing with brain cancer. He had a glioblastoma and it was an uphill climb. The diagnosis wasn’t good,” Golay said.

“Jim wanted to make Valentine’s Day special for his wife Shelly, but he knew his days were limited. So, he went to a flower shop to set up a plan so she would always remember how much he loved her.”

Florist Jessie Row, explained that he wanted to make sure his wife received her favorite flowers every year.

“It was true love and you just don’t find that very often, you know, the fairy tale romance, the knight in shining armor, you just don’t find that,” Golay said. “And even though we didn’t get the fairy tale ending, it was amazing.”

husband wanted make Valentine's Day special for his wife Shelly Golay, but he knew his days were limited



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