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Woman spends two years looking for owner of lost ring

Nicole Winchip, a Hobbe Sound, Florida resident found the ring in a Publix parking lot. According to WPCT she gave the ring to the Publicx store just in case the owner would come back for it.
Since then 2 years passed with noone claiming what Winchip described as a sentimental piece of jewely since it has 5 names insribed on the inside.
Winchip is quoted by Wbctv “finding it had five names engraved on the sides, which she believes could be names of the owner’s children along with their birthstones…
As a mom, I would hope somebody would come forward and return something I lost, especially a sentimental ring like this,” Winchip said.

Winchip is Hoping that the latest publicity about this ring will help its owner find it.

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