Instagram Apologizes After Removing Photo of Plus-Size Woman in her Underware

Issuing an apology for taking down the photo that a plus-sized blogger and musician , Mehgan Tanjes, took of her derrier.

According to her exclusive interview with CBS local news in Los Angeles, Instagram sent her an email explaining that they were flagging the photo as violation of their guidelines; it was marked as : nudity or mature content and taken down.

According to Mehgan Tanjes, 28, she believes it was taken down because she wasn’t a smaller size.

“I want people to see all different bodies, and I want to be in a bathing suit or shorts, like every other girl that I know, and not feel that because people don’t want to see that kind of body that I shouldn’t be visible,” Tonjes said.

She decided to discuss the Instagram issue because she wants to bring attention to an alleged social media double standard, she’s annoyed that photos of thinner girls showing more skin don’t seem to bother anyone.

So watch out ladies, apparently curves can be offensive!

instagram violation letter