Meet the first Plus-Size 22 supermodel: Tess Holliday

Meet Tess Holliday, she’s the first plus-size 22 woman to be signed to a modeling agency.

Holliday, 29, is originally from Mississippi tried for years to model, but was turned down because of her five foot four height and 250lbs.

But the days of rejection by the modeling industry are gone.  Besides her beauty, this model has something extra: 625,000 instagram followers!

Holliday told the dailymail that she not only loves to embrace her curves but she also enjoys showing off her tattoos.

Her thousands of followers also agree and apparently modeling agencies have also agreed and she “became too important for agencies to miss and earlier this year she was signed by MILK.”


The plus size supermodel is changing the face of fashion after becoming the first size 22 woman to be signed to a modeling agency